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Use a comma after every term except the final one in a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction.

Consequently, type "red, white, and blue" and "gold, silver, or copper."

He read the letter after it was opened, taking notes as he went.

The "serial" comma is another name for this comma. The final comma is typically left out of company names. Follow the company's specific usage guidelines.

Little, Brown & Co. DLJ, Donaldson, Lufkin &

Separate parenthetic phrases with commas.

Traveling on foot is the finest method to experience a place, unless you are pushed for time.

Applying this rule can be challenging since it can be challenging to determine whether a single word, like however, or a short sentence is parenthetic or not. The commas may be safely omitted if the sentence flow would only be slightly disrupted. Never, however, omit one comma while leaving the other, regardless of how minor or significant the interruption is. Considering that Marjories' husband, Colonel Nelson, visited us yesterday, there is no defence for such punctuation.

You'll be happy to learn that my brother is presently in excellent health.

Dates frequently include parenthetic words or numbers. Punctuate as such:

the fourteenth of November, 1990

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